"The Exalted Human Beings List"

"Massive appreciation to the following exalted members of the Human race"

Tuxedo Kamen
Renee Scofield
Racheal Udin
Justin Panczuk
Master Moron
Chibi Chibilyn
Anakin Leuqarte
Lina Inverse
Stéphane Dumas
Blk Cloak
Andy Lin-Minmei

..These people have proven themselves to be truely great human beings. Some of them helped me plan my pages, proofread some of my material, pointed me in the direction of good info, called me back from the brink of insanity or other such nobel acts. These people deserve a round of appluase for their great deeds. I greatly thank each and every one of them for their help in making this site better, it just couldn't be done without their great kindness. So let their names forever be recorded on this list as truley exalted members of the human race.




"Just How does one get on this list???"

..Remeber, helping me out with something or another good deed for me will get you considered for placement on this great list. Telling of one site won't be enough, it has to be something larger and better than just Emailing me one URL. Such acts like the following:

..These nobel acts will be considered in your placement on the list.

..Tis' a great honor indeed to be on this list, any who make it on the list should be proud of themselves. Helping out not only helps that person, but it makes you feel better knowing you were helpful. I have volunteered numerous times in my life and know for a fact that this is true. It's acts of kindness that make our world a decent place to live ad exsist.

..Even if it is something you do just once, you will be foever one the list (unless you really make a complete *ss of yourself) forever. People who come to this site in the future will see your name on the list and see what a great human being you are.

..Again, to all those who helped me out,


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