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This is where I will post all the info about my pages: updates, changes, pleas for help, excuses, wanted info, history and what-not.

Recent News

December 2001: Ah the joys of English class. I have about three of four assignmnets to do before the end of January and could possib;y get more. I've also been studying for my other classes and will have to state that my education will come before this site. On a side note, for once video games haven't prevented me from updating, my system selector died (piece of MadCatz shit) and I have been unable to play for over a week!

Site History
All the history about my pages and other site related things.

October 2001: Well, it's back to school for me! It's also time for me to get a new job... And I'll try to do something with the site :)

Summer 2001: Let me see, what did I do over the summer...I played a whole lot of video games, watched many movies, worked, sat around like a lazy bum, mowed the yard, put together Gundam models, watched TV and that's pretty much it. Did I work on this site you ask, hell no! Well I did, but not much.

January - March 2001: Damn I have quite the back log of video games to play and DVDs to watch. And Winter sucks!!!

December: Well hol-lee she-it Roy, it sure has been a while since I've been around here! Well, I guess when your car is dying, you get released from your job, and life gets boring, things don't happen around here. Well, I have a new job, my car is still dying, and life is starting to pick up. I guess I'll get my lazy ass up and running so I can get this out of the way.

Summer of 2000: Where was I you ask, out having fun! And at work. Some work did get done, but not that I can remember.... of coarse I don't remember much of what I did anyways...... (Damn CRS)

3-12-00: The BSSM Alpha Guide has been shut down for repairs. The Beta will still be open and has been updated as well. As always, more to come soon!

2-16-00: Yeah! Wrestling is over, forever! The Beta guide has been updated along with a few other sections. More specifics to come soon!

1-26-00: The lights are still on, the water is running and there haven't been any reports of seven-headed dragons or anti-christs appearing. So far so good. Due to wrestling, I haven't had much energy to due much of anything. Also, I'm having some problems with evil, evil class...

12-26-99: Sorry....HC is being a prick........

11-26-99: Due to an overwhelming attack by Homework Central, I haven't had much time to work on this place. However...I have made some big changes to my Beta BSSM guide and I have updated some other areas as well.

10-12-99: Well, some more bugs have shown their ugly faces, but fear not! Many kind beings have helped me figure out what is going on here. Look for a well needed update for the Beta BSSM guide.

9-10-99: After taking a well deserved break (more like some time to get my sanity back) I am begining to work out some bugs that have appeared here and there.

8-24-99: MHBK: Alpha Site 3.0 is here!!! After listening to all of the feedback I got, I made some big changes to this place. Rest assured, more will come...

6-19-99: I'm all moved in now, everything is working fine!

6-18-99: Well fvck you too Webprovider! Talk about slow, that was really bad. Well it looks like I made a good choice and have moved to Tripod. Now I just have to redo all the links...-_-

6-15-99: FVCK YOU XOOM!!!! I'm sick and tired of Xoom's shit so I'm moving to

6-5-99: School is out!!!!! I will attempt to translate some BSSM episode titles and update the bios, I will begin the items guide and places page for the MHBK story, maybe add a couple of new catagories to the Cool Stuff area...

5-26-99: After enjoying Lufia II for a couple weeks, I'm back with it now! MAJOR things are happening to the MHBK story......I'm planing the later story arcs....

4-18-99: Updated the Beta BSSM guide and fixed my email links (the ones at the bottom of every page) so they match my current email.

4-11 through 17-99: lala land.............

4-3-99: I've taken care of that stupid XOOM frame...I'm finishing up some things, but work is really taking up my time.

3-21-99: That's it! I will stop saying that I'm re-doing things when they never were finished in the first place. Ahem...I have speant some time researching some info for various things and it's been hecktic at school, so things are going slowly, but Spring Break is only a couple weeks away...

2-28-99: Major work is being done to update this site. That means anything and everything will have something done to it.

1-1-99: I've got all of the major work done and will be working on the info on my pages. I will be changing the backgrounds in my BSSM guide. The MHBK story is also coming along nicely.

12-20-98: Now that I got most of my homework out of the way, I got a whole load of stuff done. All of my pages have been updated. I will now be working getting MIDIs and new backgrounds for the BSSM profiles. I have gotten alot of work done on the MHBK story and info stuff. But due to a lack of feedback my progress is somewhat slowed down.

11-4-98 through 11-11-98: During a server upgrade, Xoom crashed for the whole week. I was unable to do anything with my Alpha and now I'm way behind. The good news is that I thought up some great ideas that I'll be implimenting in the next couple of days.

11-4-98: I'm working on getting MIDIs playing and getting rid of those annoying "Welcome" pics that are on a load of my pages. Some new pages have been put up.

10-28-98: More BSSM are profiles ready. Lots of new pics have been put up all over the place. I finally got a guestbook for this site, please go sign it :)

10-18-98: I've got 11 profiles up, the episode lists, the Cool Stuff pages are fixed and I will have more graphics up.

10-5-98: Got a site at GeoCities, can't figure out how how to work with the page builder...

9-5-98: Traded in a whole load of stuff to get Windows 98® and installed it. Lost some stuff while updating, but luckily had backups for most of it.

8-25-98: Discovered what HTML code is...

8-22-98: Creation of this site.


I need the following stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What's with this Alpha/Beta site thing?

Way, way back when I first got this site (Alpha), everything was going great. Then Xoom was starting to show it's problems. If the page editor wasn't down, then the whole server would be down. There are other problems, but I won't get into those here. After Xoom's server crashed for five days straight I decided to move. I started to move into my new account when Xoom started to actually work. At first I tried to make the Beta site a mirror of the Alpha but I found out quickly that it was a really big chore. So then I made things that were Alpha and Beta specific and that too became a chore. Finally one day I decided to just intertwine the two sites together. That meant that now the that it seemed like I had just one site. Then I got Front Page® Express when I upgraded to Win98® and moved all my stuff to Xoom. I use my Xoom account to store the pages, and my Geo Cities accounts are where all my pics and whatnot are held. My Beta page is just there so I have an index for my other account, I don't even link to it any more. It's just easier to maintain one site.

..Now for a more current explanation, Xoom did work for a couple of days, then it got even worse. I'm sure you've all heard what Xoom did (coughpowerbarcough) that got so many people pissed at them. I just said "screw it," and moved my site to a different server. Boy did I make a mistake. The new host I choose wasn't, how should I say this, "decent" so I did my research this time and decided on Tripod. Everything has been going smoothly since then.

.."And what does 3.0 mean?" you ask, this is the third incarnation of the Alpha Site. The first version was created using that crappy Easypage on Xoom. Every single page had a "welcome," "email," and "goodbye" gif. 1.0 also suffered from EP's other bugs, needless to say it wasn't pretty. I later got a freeware HTML editor and things improved somewhat. Eventually I got Front Page Express and 2.0 came along. Many things improved. And now I have some more programs and 3.0 is born.

As of the second anniversery of the site (8/26/98 - 8/26/00) I decided to move away from putting everything under the "MHBK" banner and formed MH Knights. In case you are wondering, MH does not stand for Mecha Heishi. I still am doing the MHBK story, I just though it would be better if everything didn't go by it. Thus, the whole Alpha thing was dropped and now only signifies that it was the first, but not the last.

For anyone who cares...
Some important upcoming dates for you all to

8-12-03: I turn 21!!! Though I will NOT be going out and drinking myself to death like so many people do.

10-7-03: I graduate college

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