Sailor Moon MIDIs

--These are all the BSSM MIDI files I currently have. I would like to state that I did not create any of these MIDIs, I'm just listing the ones I have downloaded for myself. Feel free to take the MIDIs, but if you are going to use them on your web site, please give credit to the person (or people) that created the MIDI. Enjoy.

Title Size Artist
Tuxedo Night 49KB ???
Chibi Usa's Theme 15KB Rini
Starlight's Theme 2 37KB Bomi Lee
Starlight's Theme 3 35KB Bomi Lee/Ashley
Starlight's Theme 4 28KB Sih Yung Wong
Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) 20KB Rini
SMR BGM 38KB ???
Death Busters no Yabou (Ambition of the Death Busters) 33KB ???
Amazoness Quartet Theme 29KB Rini
Sailor Stars Song 96KB Frank Lin
Saturn's Theme 5KB ???
Unmei ha utsukushiku (Destiny is Beautiful) 67KB Bomi Lee
Kaze ni naritai (I Want to Become the Wind) 7KB Benny Fuentes
Onaji namida wakeatte (Sharing the Same Tears) 16KB Rini
Fire Soul Love 46KB Bomi Lee
Route Venus 89KB Bomi Lee
Anata no sai ja nai (It's Not Your Fault) 64KB Rini
I am Sailor Moon 86KB Rini

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