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..This is a complete listing of all the cool web sites that I've discovered over time, and decided to share them with you. They are organized by the site's subject, not by any other means. I will add more as I find more cool sites. These sites are all guarunteed to be cool, well actually some more than others. The (*) symbols determine how exalted a site is; five is highly exalted, whereas one is something that I go to when there's absolutly nothing else to do or is where is got something from and am just giving recognition to it.* Heck, you probally have some of these sites in your own bookmarks already.

..As always, it is my personal opinon on whether or not a site is cool and if you disagree, well good for you. I am also not responsible for the content of these sites and the ones marked with a (!) may have some stuff little kids and/or bible thumpers might freak over.

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Click here to nominate a page for the list. * I'll check out the site to see just how cool it is and see if it is truely worthy of being on this list.

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*NOTE: I will check over each site fairly, I WILL NOT favor one site over the other.
*FYI: Hey, three *'s is average, that's what I would give my page at this point and time!!!

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