Just what is this stuff?!?!

This page is a compilation of random facts and stuff I just felt like putting here for no sensible reason whatsoever.

--Due to a glitch in the Link Exchange Fastcounter program, my counter is all messed up.

--I need to get more feedback. If I don't get more I'll send my hordes of killer dust bunnies after all of you >:)

--I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--I also hate cold weather!!!!!

--Pop-ups suck.

--Xoom can go fuck itself!!!

--Being a cashier sucks

--Just plain working in retail sucks

--It looks like Y2K didn't strike....damn! I was hoping I could live the rest of my life as a wondering warrior :)

--Before I upgraded to Cute FTP 3.0 (Freeware), I was on day 430 of my free 30 day trial and had used Cute FTP 2.0 212 times

--Studyhall sucks ass because the school is run by a bunch of Nazi bastards!

--"Am I evil? Yes I am! Am I evil? I am man"

--Having to cut weight really sucks and I'm glad wrestling is over!

--I suffer from CRS: Can't Remember...um...shoot! I forgot >_<

--Crackheads suck

--Bush is president, we're all doomed

--If I hear the phrase "God bless America" or "God bless us all" one more time I'm going to kick some one's ass

--Though I like my new job, I don't like having to drive 20+ miles to get there

--Though I miss my old job, I don't miss the dipshit fanboys that ranted on and on about their system of worship

--I need to get an apartment

--I need to get a girlfriend

--I still think Bush is an idiot and the "Osama Confession" tape was faked.

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