Mercenary Legends


...Mercenary Legends is a Turned Based Tactical Role Playing Game (TBTRPG) which means you battle other players on a grid map with a hand picked team of characters that gain in strength the more battles you fight. Like in checkers or chess, stratedy and well though out manuvering are the keys to success. It's combination of turn-based strategy and customization will provide endless hours of game play.

...Why Should you play Mercenary Legends instead of the many, many other RPGs out there? Simple, Mercenary Legends isn't simply another AD+D/Battletech clone. It's simplified game play system makes it easy to learn but still offers a deep and rewarding experience. Unlike other games, you won't spend time endlessly rolling dice or have to deal with a crazed DM on a power trip. Your characters have simple, easy to understand statistics that won't confuse you. The customization that the game offers will ensure that you never play the same game twice.

...Mercenary Legends also offers different modes of play such as Capture The Flag, King of the Hill, Landmines and others. You can play against just one other player, three or four people, or go for a "Battle Royal" 16 player tournament. This is a game designed to let you play how you feel like.

...Oh yeah, IT'S FREE*!!! *See the Shop section for more information (when it is up and running).


...On a world similar to our own, the people are beginning to explore their world, Axem. Axem is a world filled with many mysteries and wonderments, and it's people and creatures come in all shapes and sizes. One of Axem's most powerful kingdoms, Axempala, was in the midst of colonizing several areas of the world, including a newly discovered continent Newland. All seemed bright for Axempala when a great plague came from the North East, the Ebon Mist. The Ebon Mist is an unholy force, causing death and decay where ever it spreads. Hordes of demons prowl the countryside while the people flee their farms to the few fortified cities that remain. Crops rott in the fields while hunger runs rampant through a scared populace. The Axempala Royal Court made the fateful decision to stop all support to Newland in order to help the people in the kingdom itself. This caused panic in the colony as it was still very dependent on the homeland for support. Becuase of differences in opinion on how to handle the situation, the ruling body broke apart into different factions while some of the citizens have taken up arms. Some saw the growing choas as an opportunity to gain power.

...This is where you come in. Whether by fate or by luck, you have been given command of a small group of soldiers. Though they are inexperienced, they are loyal and ready to fight. You can choose to join with a faction, fight for the highest bidder, or fight for control for yourself. Defend the people from harm or terrorize the country side. It's all up to you...


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