Various MIDIs

Song Size Artist
"Who Made Who" 27KB AC/DC
"Blind" 24KB Korn
"Head Like A Hole" 61KB NIN
"Theme From Mortal Kombat" 36KB The Immortals
"Nitro" 28KB The Offspring
"Perfect Drug" 85KB NIN
"Radar Love" 81KB Golden Earring
"Ride of the Valkyries" 19KB Robert Wagner
"Stupid Girl" 66KB Garbage
"Techno" 60KB ???
"Theme from The X-Files" 14KB Mark Snow
"Bad Moon Rising" 34KB ???
"The Beautiful People" 47KB Marylin Manson
"Big In Japan" 27KB ???
"Bohemian Rhapsody" 45KB Queen
"Born On The Bayou" 57KB ???
"Born To Be Wild" 41KB Stephan Wolf
"Japanese National Anthem" 3KB ???
"Princes Of The Universe" 58KB Queen
"Smoke On The Water" 113KB Deep Purple
"Thunderstruck" 50KB AC/DC
"Vogue" 49KB Madonna
"We Are The Champions" 39KB Queen
"We Will Rock You" 10KB Queen
"Wild Thing" 49KB ???

All songs are by their respective copywrite holders.

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