Cool Stuff: Anime

I have been watching anime (Japanese animation) for, well, my whole life. True, when I was younger I had no idea I was watching anime, but over the years I was enlightened to the truth and things took off from there. I'm into mecha filled movies (Macross, Appleseed) and I also like fighting movies (Street Fighter II). And I'll admit it, I do like some shoujo! I look for movies that have some sort of plot and decent animation. Not all anime is created equally and there are some crap titles out there, so I recomend surfing around a little bit and checking some review pages before shelling out your money.

Anime: owned
Here's a list of all the anime I own (or did at one time). I don't consider myself to be a great critic, and all of the opinions here are my own.


Anime: What I want
I might get a couple of these next time I get paid. Note I only buy DVDs now (which you should do also)

Anime: What I got rid of (stay away from these!)
The following movies have earned their rightful places as crap. This is a public service anouncement: Stay The Heck Away From These Things!!! They all pretty much suck. I'm not even going to explain why the suck, just avoid them, take my word on it!!!

Remember: Keep away for your health!!!

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